CFD 5 Teacher Line-Up

We are thrilled to announce the line-up of spectacular teachers and experiences planned for this month’s Conscious Family Dinner. From palm reading to sound healing to breathwork and much more, each offer a unique experience that will leave you feeling inspired, empowered, and (hopefully) with a strong desire to do it all over again next month! And now, without further ado, please meet our fabulous teachers below:

Joel Brown — Addicted to Success

Founder of Addicted2Success, Entrepreneur, social influencer, mindset coach and top-rated podcast host, Joel Brown will be teaching a master class, describing how you can take your vision (or passion project) and turn it into a massive, profitable business. He will have time to only coach a few select people during this session, so make sure to come prepared with questions!

With heart and hunger, Joel Brown builtAddicted2Success, from scratch to be the #1 motivation site in the world. He has worked alongside some of the greats in the world of self development, business and spirituality, including Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Tim Ferriss, Gabby Bernstein, Grant Cardone, Gary Vaynerchuk, Simon Sinek and more. Joel carries some fun facts, like appearing on the front cover of Foundr Magazine, Change Creator Magazine and Lifestyle Business Magazine, as well as being an author on and He’s the associate producer of the forthcoming Rise Up movie and is also in the new Think & Grow Rich documentary set to be released in March 2017.

Dreamweavers — Shamanic Journeying

Awake to your conscious dream with Parashakti (founder of Dance of Liberation), Normandie Keith (Senior Teacher Golden Bridge yoga) and Kjord Davis (founder of Indigo Lab and lead Kundalini teacher Wanderlust Hollywood) as you explore the lightness of Being and shine light upon your dream, the dream that is calling you from the depths of your soul, the dream that may have gotten lost or forgotten based on the external distractions of maya (illusions).

Be part of this conscious community’s movement towards liberation from the societal ties that bind and express in excess your authentic self and awaken to the conscious dreams state of your magnificence through kundalini yoga, shamanic journeying, dance, divination cards, chanting, group process, sound healing & deep relaxation.  We are more than merely our thoughts or our bodies, we are unique expressions and powerful vortices of the universe meant to reveal something truly great!

Surya Spa

Authentic, artisan ayurvedic clinic, Surya Spa will be offering complimentary 10 minute treatments focused on rejuvenating and rebalancing.

Surya Spa is an authentic, artisan ayurvedic clinic offering consultations and traditional treatments, focusing on 3 to 21 day highly-personalized Panchakarma Series. Come experience Ayurveda’s traditional detoxifying, rejuvenating and rebalancing cleanse, to return to your best health and well-being. Situated in a quiet canyon in Pacific Palisades, Surya Spa offers Panchakarma in three to four hour daily sessions, followed or proceeded by an organic, farmer’s market Ayurvedic lunch. Oils and herbs at Surya are organic or wild-crafted, and everything is hand-made, including our ghee, for example, which is traditionally prepared from local, organic, grass-fed butter. Panchakarma at Surya is a wonderful experience — nourishing, restorative, healing and balancing. And you can expect the results to be profound, transformative and lasting. Learn more about Surya Spa and check out their praised reviews from celebrities like Gwenyth Paltrow and Kourtney Kardashian, here!

Maggie Kay — Love Alchemy

Maggie Kay is passionate about elevating the consciousness of our world, international development, and social impact work.  Fueled by her core belief that the key to world peace is inner peace, her mission is to combine the two worlds of humanitarianism and spirituality by delivering the building blocks of consciousness to communities around the globe.

Love Alchemy:
Through intimacy exercises, clearing limiting beliefs, and creating powerful individualized mantras, we will cultivate sustainable self love. We begin by discussing the concept of self love, and love as the highest frequency and universal truth. Then we will highlight why this fundamental building block of consciousness has been lost to us as a society. From here we will break into small groups for intimacy exercises where we will begin fostering self love through the loving eyes of others. Once we have begun remembering who we are through these powerful mirrors, we will dive deeper into our subconscious mind to discover the reason why we continue forgetting our divinity.  By uncovering the core belief that has been blocking us, we will pinpoint the fabricated story we have been telling ourselves that has been keeping us stuck in all areas of our lives. We will transmute this subconscious belief by using it as the fuel for our individualized self love mantras. This three step process of group play, core belief identification and clearing, and mantra setting we will create an unshakable foundation for the most important relationship of our lives: with ourselves.

Indy Rishi — Neuroplasticity Laughter Meditation

Indy Rishi Singh’s studies in Allopathy, Ayurveda (Indian medicine), Hypnotherapy, Yoga and Digital Media Production have given him deep insight in the problems that face modern living. Indy uses his breadth of knowledge and his own personal experiences to inspire and motivate others to develop habits that lead to success and fulfillment.

Neuroplasticity Laughter Meditation:
People of any age circle into a group. Indy leads them on a laughter journey, using exercises that use laughter to overcome various feelings, situations in life, and anxieties. He feeds everyone the science of laughter, in a digestible language.

To learn more about Indy, visit his website here.

Chris Parnell — Sound Healing

Sacred Sound Alchemist & Reiki Master. Come experience the love and joy of your existence with the healing tones and frequencies of the Didgeridoo, an ancient healing instrument that creates a harmonic “attunement” to the body, mind, and spirit. Come journey deeper into your heart-opening, connecting and returning to innocence.

The Didgeridoo merged modern and ancient cultures reconnecting us to a timeless silent place of inner knowing, peace, and realignment with our true nature beyond pain and suffering. The sacred healing sound of the Didgeridoo assists you in feeling the vibration of who you are. To learn more about Chris, visit his website, here and connect with him on Facebook here.

Christina Engelhardt — Intuitive Readings

Come experience intuitive Tarot reading with Christina Engelhardt! Christina comes from a ten generational lineage of psychic mediums and first began her training at age ten. She has developed all of the occult arts into a fascinating introspective style which is introduced through her psychic readings.

Having spanned the globe and being trilingual, she reads for presidents, politicians, celebrities, artists, CEO’s, psychics themselves, and anyone looking to find answers in their personal or professional lives through Christina’s exact interpretations. To learn more about Christina, visit her website here.

Freidel Kushman — Collective Breathwork

Join Freidel for Collective Breathwork as we practice tools for conscious release of old thought patterns, emotional reactivity, and PTSD. Learn how to consciously shift from chronic stressful emotion into ease and relaxation. Establish yourself in the vibration of your innermost being, and expand outward from here.

Freidel Kushman is a founder and managing director for I AM Wellbeing Center, a Skid-Row based nonprofit organization serving the homeless communities of Los Angeles County with trauma-sensitive healing through Mindfulness Practices and Therapeutic Yoga. Freidel and her family host community healing workshops from her home in Porter Ranch, CA. To learn more about Friedel, visit her website here

John Ma — Primal Play

“Our effectiveness and comfort at work and at home is determined by the effectiveness and comfort of our physical bodies.

How well we perform, and how well we feel in the process, determines our quality of life.

I am responsible for satisfying my unique human needs for practical and self-expressive movement, and you for yours - lifelong.”

 As a teacher, John believes every person’s process can be easeful, sensory-rich, and adaptive to the everyday changing conditions of modern life, in both its sedentary and fast-moving phases.  His goal is to help you develop and grow as quickly as you are willing.
John’s own movement practice spans oceans, mountains, parks, city streets, dance floors, yoga studios, and office interiors.
At the Conscious Family Dinner, John Ma will lead a 30-minute “Primal Play” group experience, integrating dance, yoga, martial arts, and physical therapy practices that intends to leave participants refreshed, joyful, and in touch with themselves and their play group.

Aaron Kemp — Kabbalistic Palm Reading

In the 10 years that Aaron Kemp has practiced Kabbalistic Palmistry, he has read thousands of hands in both group and private readings and helped fashion a unique approach to the art and science of palm-reading:

“I see the hand as a divine metaphysical tool containing a unique blueprint of each persons’s path, life purpose (and in some cases, potentially even past lives).  I believe that every soul incarnates to experience growth through overcoming specific obstacles and personality patterns.  The prescription for overcoming these obstacles is the ‘tikkun ha nefesh’ (repair of the soul) which is literally written right in your own hand.”

Dan Barth — Touchpoint Process

Following a brief verbal framing of the TouchPoint experience, where participants choose their level of basic human touch, participants enter the clearly delineated TouchPoint space inside of which there will be silence followed by: 2 minutes of one on one sustained eye contact only; 2 minutes of one on one pre-selected basic human touch; and a final minute of one on one eye contact only.

The Conscious Family Dinner is this Tuesday, 9/27 from 7-10pm. If you haven’t already, be sure to grab your ticket HERE as we usually sell out!! And feel free to share with your friends and family that you think might be interested as well! See you next Tuesday!




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