Get Your Glow On

written by Alyx Elizabeth


Since I was a little girl, I’ve taken the meaning of my name very literal and vey dramatically. My name is Alyxandria, and the Greek definition is Defender of Mankind and because of that I’ve always considered myself a warrior. A warrior for peace, a warrior for self love and a warrior of empowerment.

I grew up in a very strict, tight knit, religious community and leaving was the best and hardest choice I’ve ever made. That lifestyle wasn’t for me. It wasn’t my path to follow. Although, it is the truth for a lot of people I grew up with, it wasn’t my truth. It wasn’t for me.

I had witnessed a lot of people leaving the community who were shunned and it was very painful for them. I didn’t want to go through that but I knew that was my only way to reach my bliss.

When I finally decided to venture out on my own two feet I felt so empowered and so afraid. I had to battle a lot of petty situations and a lot of serious situations such as depression. Now one might say if you’re depressed you’re not living your bliss. Well… that’s true. I wasn’t living my bliss…yet!

Sometimes it has to get worse before it gets better. I was able to trust the process, know that better things were coming and celebrate what nobody could see, yet, because I heard my soul guiding me. I knew I had found my truth and was going to live it!

This warrior I have within me really rose up when I found my truth. I wasn’t able to flourish until I was in the right environment and in the right state of mind. But now, this passionate warrior has been able to evolve and blossom!

I have such a deep passion to share what I’ve learned and to inspire each of you to embrace your bliss!

One thing that is completely necessary is to rid your life of all toxicity. People, ideas, thoughts, places and even music. If it triggers bad feelings or memories, get rid of it! This takes a lot of diligence, focus and effort but it is so amazing to feel the relief. When you finally release all that heaviness you’ve grown accustomed to, it just sets your free!

Another essential step to take is to surround yourself with a strong circle of friends. They will be your rocks in this time of transition. Make sure they are people that genuinely love you, that will inspire you to be you and not try to influence you down any other path. Rely on them for a voice of reason when you aren’t thinking clearly, or when the growing pains feel too overwhelming to go on.

Something else that is vital to the success of this transition is you must be confident in your decision. Don’t doubt yourself. Believe in yourself and your choice. For me, I had to cut certain people out of my life and it was hard but I knew it was necessary to my growth. Wherever you feel your path taking you, be sure of it.

The last step is be patient with the process. Allow yourself to feel every step of the way. Feeling it will allow you to appreciate the growth. Hold onto every piece of it. No matter the pain, it is creating your bliss and you will be so proud of the outcome!

Piece by piece you will reach peace. Just allow yourself to embrace the fire that burns deep inside you, and all of your confusion will be replaced with clarity. You will have opportunities to put your dreams into actions. Your complacency will be turned into adventure. Your magic will enlighten the people around you. The universe will take you to places you never thought possible. You can’t dream too big, just embrace it and live a life you will remember in total bliss!!

Just remember that everyday we wake up, we get to choose to be happy. We choose our path. We choose our bliss! Every single day, how amazing is that?!?

I choose to live in the glow of my truth. I choose to live today; everyday; in confidence knowing that I have the universe backing me up.

Nobody else knows your path, nobody knows your souls deepest thoughts; only you do. Listen to it, follow it and it will take you to exactly where you need to be to flourish! All of us are different creatures, needing different environment to blossom.

Integral Fitness is about balance and health in every area and that is what I strive to reach, everyday! I have been inspired by the self love movement and the network around the world of this concept: each of us living our own bliss, peacefully, with everyone. It is amazing that so many people, world wide, are grasping this and living it!

As we all embark on our own bliss, let’s allow our souls to guide us, love unite us and respect surround us.

Peace, love and bliss,



Written by: Alyx Elizabeth

Bio: Currently living in Portland, Oregon keeping myself completely busy with kayaking, hiking, writing, meditating and photography.  In my free time I brainstorm ways to invigorate and empower the world. I also drink way too much coffee! 

Find me on Instagram & Twitter at @alyxelizabeth_ 


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