Jason Wrobel // Q&A

1. Favorite quote and why?

“Cooking is like love. It should be entered into with abandon or not at all.” – Harriet Van Horne

2. What is something you’re currently doing or working on that you’re really excited about and proud of?

I recently started my standup comedy career and I’m actively gigging around Los Angeles. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for many years and I finally scrounged up the courage to do it. It’s been really tough and incredibly rewarding.

3. When you’re having a really rough day, how do you get through it?

Lots of breathing, meditation, affirmation and green juice. I find that radical self love and self care are even more important on rough days. If we can love and approve of ourselves when the storm is strongest (and remember how many storms we’ve weathered in the past) I find it makes the tough days easier to get through.

4. What is one of the greatest risks you have taken?

Moving to Los Angeles to follow my dream of being an entertainer and conscious entrepreneur. And leaving the corporate world 7 years ago to work for myself full-time.

5. Of all of the unique services you offer, which would you say is your favorite and why?

My perspective as a coach is the most unique service I offer. Whether it’s health coaching or business coaching, I find I have the ability to get deep with my clients while creating a lighthearted, approachable feel to the process of creative and spiritual evolution. I like to make transformation fun.

6. Finish this sentence: The most important question you can ask is:

What would love do?

7. Finish this sentence: My superpower is:

Making people smile.

8. What are some words of wisdom you can leave us with?

I feel that a very important aspect of life’s journey is cultivating more trust in being alive. I firmly believe that if we have a deep desire in our heart, it’s not a question of whether or not it WILL manifest for us, but only WHEN it will manifest. Being patient and trusting life is a lifelong practice, and one that bears such sweet fruit when we can begin to master it.

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