Kayna Cassard & Dominick Cole // Q&A


1. Favorite quote and why?

“The least traveled path is the hardest one to follow.”

– By Dominick Cole.

This is an integral part of what we teach in our workshop. We learn relational habits over time and they can end up causing us harm, emotionally. Through the use of acro yoga, we teach ways in which we can start to pave new paths of engaging with others that can be tremendously healing.

2. What is something you’re currently doing or working on that you’re really excited about and proud of?

Dominick and Kayna are excited to be offering all that they have learned in their acroyoga and romantic relationship to others, for two reasons: 1) for people to know that relationships are always a work in progress and never perfect. And 2) hopefully, others might learn from our mistakes and try to avoid typical pitfalls of relationships.

3. When you’re having a really rough day, how do you get through it?

Oftentimes we lean on each other, but the way we lean on each other looks differently. For Kayna, she appreciates connecting together through acroyoga or some other therapeutic movement with Dominick. Dominick on the other hand, appreciates “losing himself” in playing his guitar.  And although Kayna doesn’t realize it, he is often playing songs for her if she is around.


4. What is one of the greatest risks you have taken?

Moving in together. Kayna had difficult experiences in the past with former relationships in regards to moving in with a significant other, so she was hesitant and nervous. Dominick really likes the freedom of his own space and was worried about the challenge of being around each other too often. As it turns out, they were both surprised at how well it’s going.

5. What is something you can’t live without?

Play. The very nature of play promotes a diversity of interactions with the world. Play inspires curiosity, joy, connection, movement, perseverance, and healthy competition.

6. Finish this sentence: The most important question you can ask is:

What are you excited about in your life, right now?

7. Finish this sentence: My superpower is:


8. What are some words of wisdom you can leave us with?

You are good enough.

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