Maggie Kay // Q&A


1. Favorite quote and why?

“Trust the timeline of your life.”

As someone who is starving to make a giant positive impact in our world, I often get anxious that I am not doing it all right now. I know what I am here to do, and I want to do it all now! When this pressure becomes too much I stop and remember this mantra. Then I am instantly reminded that I am right where I need to be and producing at a pace that is perfect. The freedom washes over me and I can breathe again.

2. What is something you’re currently doing or working on that you’re really excited about and proud of?

The launch of my first retreat center in Peru! Since I was a child I have known I will have wellness centers and peace hubs around the world, and the very first one will be opened in 2018! It will be a center for leaders to join together to create world peace projects, heal and be healed, and share their gifts with the world! It is called Ricchairy, meaning to awaken. Donate to the campaign here!

3. Out of all the unique treatments you offer, which would you say is your absolute favorite, and why?

My absolute favorite treatment I offer is the Higher Self Integration. One of my gifts is clairvoyance in which I am able to see people at their highest potential and the possible paths of getting there. In this process people are able to see for themselves who they really are without all the fear and doubt blocking them, it is a path to freedom and purpose.

4. When you’re having a really rough day, how do you get through it?

Writing poetry is my safe haven. For years I have leaned on writing to process and connect with myself. First it began with journaling my feelings, a simple stream of consciousness prompt of “I feel____.” I would answer this over and over until the deepest truth of what I have been avoiding was expressed. Then this evolved into poetry, and when I am feeling brave I share it. It is self therapy for me and I would be lost without it!

5. What is one of the greatest risks you have taken?

Quitting my job at Disney and booking a one way ticket to India was by far the greatest risk I have ever taken. Leaving the cushiest job I have ever had, that looks fanfreakintastic on a resume might I add, was deeply confronting. My ego loved it to bits while the core of me was starving to be of service to our world. Finally after almost two years with the help of a personal development course, MITT, I pulled the plug and never looked back.

6. What is something you can’t live without?

I cannot live without my belief in a higher power. This inner knowing gives me the peace of mind and freedom I need in order to stay sane in times of fear or utter chaos. Like traveling around India alone, or bungee jumping off a bridge, or falling in love. Knowing it is all meant to be and that I am connected to something so much bigger than me is just everything.

7. Finish this sentence: The most important question you can ask is:

how can I best be of service to our world?

8. Finish this sentence: My superpower is:

empowering people to reach their highest potential.

9. What are some words of wisdom you can leave us with?

Our purpose is to become the highest expression of ourselves. Contrary to popular belief, especially in our workaholic society, our purpose is not our career or our accomplishments; that is simply how we express our purpose. Our purpose is to become our truest selves and express it freely and openly to the world.

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