[LA] Conscious Family Dinner VI

Tuesday, 10.25.16

Schedule for the Night!

7:00 – 10:00 // ALL NIGHT

All You Can Eat Vegan Buffet

Nourishing vegan Indian Curries and fresh snacks.

Fruit Tonics & Drinks

Medicinal raspberry shrub and more!


Organic Cold Pressed Juice Bar — Juicero

Life is better when we consume more organic, fresh produce.


THE BEST CHOCOLATES EVER!!!! — Addictive Wellness

These are THE BEST chocolates you will ever have.


[EE] Shaman Shack Herbs — Rehmannia

Experience the essence of Taoist Herbology.


[SIGN UP] Tarot & Intuitive Card Readings — Christina Engelhardt

Find answers in you personal or professional life with exact interpretations.


[SIGN UP] Divination Card Intuitive Readings — Jynnette Lewis

Receive coaching, guidance, and healing to further your awakening.


[SIGN UP & EE] Intuitive Oil Readings — Jamie Wozny

What will assist most with healing and manifestation at this time in your life?


Kabbalistic Palm Reading — Aaron Kemp

Discover the growth your soul incarnated to experience!


[EE] Tribal Adornment — META Dots

Encourage your inner radiance to emit through adornment!


Primal Playground — John Ma

Integrate dance, yoga, martial arts, and physical therapy to get in touch!


Full Heart Free Hand Mandala Making — Sunflower Flame

Relax and allow your heart and body to externalize its inner beauty.


Live VR Painting — One Third Blue

Watch fashion art painted live in VR Painting by Angela Haddad!


[SIGN UP] Create a “Real Story” Video — Michael Gray

Create a short video against a professional backdrop to share your “Real Story” with the world.


Love Mail — Integral Fitness

Send and receive loving messages anonymously!

The Active Listening Game — Integral Fitness

Practice listening in wonder to those around you…


[EE] Poem Store — Jacqueline Suskin

A donation of your choice in exchange for a one of a kind poem…


[SIGN UP] Neurofeedback — John Mekrut

An entirely organic learning process that, over time, shows the brain a better way to function!


[SIGN UP] Sacred Sound Healing & Reiki — Chris & Dragana

Deeply connect with ancient healing sounds that will inspire, transform and transcend.


[SIGN UP] Unwind & Destress — Soothe Massage

Heal the mind, body and soul to reveal a newly rejuvenated version of you.




  • Warm Welcome

  • Your Highest Excitement

  • Interpersonal Scavenger Hunt



Neuroplasticity Laughter Meditation — Indy Rishi // HEARTH

Indy will lead a laughter journey, using exercises to use laughter to overcome various feelings, situations in life, and anxieties. He feeds everyone the science of laughter, in a digestible language.

Planet & Body Health — Diane Kazer // DEN

Learn from Xanadu Wellness Expert Diane Kazer as she shares about the vital earth-earthling connection and why detoxing our lives from plastic is essential in creating optimal health for our bodies and our seas.


The Magic of Human Connection — Jessica Encell // DEN

This experience is infused with authentic relating games, conscious loving practices and interactive activities designed to unite us with the abundance of love, interconnectedness, joy, and compassion that we can all share!

Limitless Bliss — Ben Rolnik // HEARTH

I’m going to teach you how to obliterate any problem in 60 seconds or less. This will be an interactive, experiential process where you’ll learn one of my favorite facilitation tools. Oh… and it’s fun 🙂


8:30  // PLAYSHOPS

Collective Breathwork — Freidel Kushman // DEN

Learn how to defuse the physiology of crisis or chronic stress & anxiety. Learn and practice 3 tools for Stress & Anxiety Relief which you can take with you anywhere you go- the office,  traffic, family gatherings, before public speaking, in disaster relief work, etc.

Self (Pep) Talks: From Inner Critic to Inner Master — Patricia Echeverria // HEARTH

Through a guided meditation and interactive exercises, we will dismantle the negative self talk and conquer limiting beliefs. We will connect with our Inner Master to ground the Self Trust and Love within. You will leave feeling grounded, energized, and powerful.

9:00 // PLAYSHOP

Acro & Sex Psychotherapy — Kayna Cassard and Dominick Cole // HEARTH

A Therapeutic Workshop teaches practical tools of communication and conflict resolution for on and off the mat relationships.  Additionally, Kayna and Dominick will be providing neuroscience education about relationships and intimacy. Participants will also have a chance to practice some of these skills while learning basic level acroyoga poses. Most importantly, participants are encouraged to let themselves play in order to pave the way to deeper experiences of intimacy.
www.kaynacassard.com/workshops // @acroyogatherapy


META Method — Elana Meta // HEARTH

Through the META Method, a movement technique, one cultivates practices that engage the body, strengthen brain muscles, increase focus and reduce stress for functional well-being. In its essence, it is a method to bring us back to nature.
www.mymetamethod.com // @metamethod

The Art of Well Being — Howard Wills // DEN

Provide more space, openness, well being and higher consciousness in your life.  Joy, spiritual freedom, understanding and success in life are often the byproducts of this experience.


Song Circle — Ross Everett & Ethan Lipsitz // OUTDOORS

Explore the medium of harmony to engage community and create together as a collective act of love.  When we sing together we drop out of our heads and into our bodies, we become present with each other and we experience so much joy.  
www.therosseverett.com // www.extremist.love



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